Best Janitorial Cleaning Service in Lagos CHOGON CLEANING SERVICES Services offers a wide spectrum of special cleaning services: From one-time residential special cleaning to huge restoration or industrial special cleaning jobs, you can rely on CHOGON CLEANING SERVICES  Systems Nigeria to take care of your cleaning needs. We provide the following special cleaning services: General Cleaning: CHOGON CLEANING SERVICES also affords general cleaning services, such as cleaning of walls, ceilings, windows, oven cleaning, […]

How to Start a Cleaning Business in Nigeria

  How to Start a Cleaning Business in Nigeria “If you use Emotion and Love to drive your sales and your business, you will create Loyalty Beyond Reason. And I promise you, you will build relationships and enjoy a business that exceeds beyond your wildest expectations” I would like to share what I have learned through the years in hopes of helping others who are thinking about starting their own […]

Basic Health and Safety Precautions for Home fumigation

Precautions for Home Fumigation Fumigation kills insects using an odorless lethal gas from the chemical sulfuryl fluoride. As a warning precaution, trace amounts of tear gas (chloropicrin) are released at the time of fumigation since tear gas has a strong odor and causes eye and respiratory irritation. Fumigation must be carried out by a professional fumigator who will tent the entire outside of your home with large tarps, and fumigate […]

Basic Facts about Security and Manned Guards Services

What a security guard Should Know Security guards are crime, threat and risk prevention officers assigned to protect specific people and property. This may include detecting some of the same offenses that would cause a peace officer to act, such as a fight or burglary. But it would not include other offenses such as motor vehicle traffic violations or car accident. The security guard’s concern is to protect persons and […]

Do You Have Bedbugs in Your Home?

BASIC FACTS ABOUT BEDBUGS YOU NEED TO KNOW AND HOW TO GET RID OF BED BUGS IN YOUR HOMES, SCHOOLS AND HOTELS ETC DO YOU HAVE BED BUGS IN YOUR HOME? What are bedbugs, how do they come inside your home and how to get rid of them in a simple and effective way What are bedbugs? Bedbugs are nuisance that are making a come back into Lagos, plus they […]

What we do best at Chogon Facilities

PASSION-We love what we do, we love service and we love honorably serving people and exceeding their expectations both in quality and price. We offer our service with a smile and we are not happy until our customers are. We have a passion for excellence in whatever we do. PEOPLE-You are our biggest asset, the machine and tools we have are not our biggest assets, our people are-these people represents […]

About Security and Man-Guard Services

We provide qualitative, professional man guard and safety services through the experience and expertise of our dynamic crop of personnel with proven track records in security intelligence, surveillance and HSE. Chogon Security Guard are trained to ensure the following; Enforce a constant and highly visible deterrent to potential criminal activity. Patrol, monitor CCTV and be on constant lookout for potential incidents natural or criminal to protect your premises. CHOGON man […]

How We Offer A Wide Range Of Services

Our products and services have been designed to offer services to a wide range of clients. Companies/Industries/Government; For these group, we offer procurement and equipment supplies services either to oil and gas exploration and production companies, or to power generation companies, the import/export of petroleum products like AGO, PMS, LPFO and base oils, and Coastal/offshore delivery of petroleum products either to offshore rigs, or to vessels and trawlers. Other services […]