What is Facility Management?
Facility Management is an interdisciplinary field devoted to the co-ordination of all business support services. According to some observers, FM is commonly misrepresented as a maintenance function in buildings. In reality it involves all types of business support processes including the care of offices, commercial or institutional buildings, such as hospitals, hotels, office complexes, arenas, schools or convention centers. FM can be defined as the integration and alignment of the non-core services, including those relating to premises, required to operate and maintain a business to fully support the core objectives of the organisation.
What is FAMIS?

FAMIS is a software program used by FMS to manage its work processes including corrective maintenance, planned maintenance, parts inventory, time and attendance, and cost accounting. The system automates the entire maintenance process from work identification to work completion allowing FMS to track and analyze labor, material and costs, and provide cost accounting to clients.

What is Preventive Maintenance?
Preventive Maintenance is the scheduled, periodic inspection, adjustment, minor repair, or lubrication necessary to minimize potential breakdowns of building equipment, and maximize the efficiency and productivity of our utility systems.
What is Planned Maintenance? ( PPM)
Planned maintenance is the upkeep of property, machinery, and facilities, including buildings, utility systems, roads, and grounds. Planned maintenance is usually characterized by its routine or recurring nature. Its purpose is to keep facilities functional.
What is Deferred Maintenance?
Deferred maintenance is work that is deferred to a future budget cycle, or postponed until funds are available.
Why do some FMS workers fulfill additional requests on-site and others say they cannot?

Zone Maintenance Technicians operate on a “find it, fix it” approach. They visit buildings on a regular basis and their work is usually not scheduled. Zone Maintenance Technicians may perform an additional task while working on something else in your area, as long as it is within their skill set.

The work of all other FMS non-Zone Maintenance technicians and tradespersons is scheduled based on customer service requests. A request for non-Zone Maintenance technicians to perform any additional un-scheduled on-site service will delay their remaining scheduled work and, therefore, must be declined.

What is a Work Order (WO)?
A Work Order is an approved request for services performed by FMS, and all costs (labor, material, invoices, and/or utilities) are charged or linked to a Work Order.
What is a Standing Work Order (SWO)?
A Standing Work Order is a pre-approved request for services to be performed by FMS, usually for ongoing routine maintenance. Most facilities have standing work orders for routine maintenance charges.
What are some of your construction projects?
You can view a list of our construction projects here.
What employment opportunities are available at Facilities and Operations?
 For employment opportunities at Facilities and Operations, please visit the university's careers page.
Where is Facilities and Operations located?
The administration office is located on the 4th floor of the General Services Building