CHOGON Facilities has a statutory duty to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all its clients, employees, and visitors to managed locations and others who may be affected by our undertaking.

Our Code of Practice addresses a range of work activities carried out on client’s locations by our staff, subcontractors and other service vendors as appropriate framework of rules and procedures for all to follow. It is designed to ensure a safe environment for everyon e and must be adhered to at all times.

Regulatory risk assessments are conducted on various activities to ascertain the safety of the clients as well as the operatives, including a protection for young people.

The foreseeable risks likely to arise from potential work activities or materials are assessed and operatives to carry out those activities are to be trained to do so in accordance to safe methods. The reasonable foreseeable risks to be assessed are;

• Maintenance/ cleaning activities
• Demolition (including dismantling and alteration) activities
• Construction (including installation and commissioning) activities

Risk assessment forms as attached:
• Safety clearance card
• Risk assessment form
• Risk assessment guidance
• Risk assessment for young persons

Training and induction on safety procedures for different activities is of critical importance in reducing and eliminating accidents at the work place. Scheduled trainings are conducted both as practical and theoretical sessions to enhance understanding and practicability of safety issues.

• PPE issue record
• Induction checklist
• Health and safety training record sheet
• Health and safety annual report

The safety and comfort of client is of great priority to us. Assessments are done to ascertain the level of safety and comfort being experienced in different work areas (work spaces).

This assessment is used to advise the client on safe and unsafe work investments and equip the staff to mitigate effects of seemingly unsafe work equipment.

• Display equipment risk assessment form..
• Contractor’s health & safety competence questionnaire attached.

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