We provide qualitative, professional man guard and safety services through the experience and expertise of our dynamic crop of personnel with proven track records in security intelligence, surveillance and HSE.

Chogon Security Guard are trained to ensure the following;
Enforce a constant and highly visible deterrent to potential criminal activity.
Patrol, monitor CCTV and be on constant lookout for potential incidents natural or criminal to protect your premises.

CHOGON man guard is capable to warn off or detain any such person or persons carrying out criminal activity.
Our security personnel will operate around the clock, are available 365 days of the year and we are happy to arrange a service at short notice. The staff will become accustomed to the company’s working operations therefore assisting in the smooth running of the environment.

Other duties may include but not limited to:

Monitoring and searching of staff where applicable
Total surveillance of the premises, people, property (CHOGON PPP RULE 001)
Checking, recording movements and deliveries
Asset movement control
Visitors’ attendance registration and control
Front of the house operations including movement control and monitoring
Assist in health and safety and evacuation procedures
Monitoring CCTV if applicable
Logging patrols
ID Checks

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