AIR CONDITIONING (AC) systems (HVAC, packaged AC, split and window units)
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Appropriate and prompt assurance of proper cooling is made through efficient management of the air-conditioning units specifically through;

  • Scheduled Maintenance – Planned Preventive Maintenance
  • Breakdown Maintenance – Reactive Maintenance
  • Restorative Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance
This maintenance will be performed on a monthly basis as detailed below

Air-Conditioning Maintenance Services Procedures

  • Clean and wash all filters.
  • Replace broken and damaged filters.
  • Test the air-conditioner in position and record the following after 5 minutes running time
  • Measure both evaporator and condenser on-coil and off-coil air temperatures to determine coil efficiencies and indicate system performance. These temperature differences (ΔT) must be within manufacturer specifications
  • Measure AC power supply current reading with the compressor running under full cooling load. These values must be within the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Measure AC power supply Voltage reading with compressors running under full cooling load to be within manufacturer’s specification.
  • Observe for any abnormal noise or vibration and rectify.
  • Test air-conditioner for auto re-start
  • Inspect if Anti Freeze thermostat is installed. Report if not fitted.
  • Set discharge louvers to point to equipment and not towards movement alarm
  • Inspect air-conditioner casings, repair broken casings and treat rusted areas.
  • Observe any abnormal noise and vibration and rectify.
  • Replace thermostat if not functional.
  • Inspect fan blades for any cracks or damage and repair.
  • Inspect for burnt wiring (discolouring of insulation material) and rectify
  • Comb distorted condenser and evaporator fins.

The following air-conditioning scheduled maintenance would be done, in addition to the normal maintenance cycle work, on a quarterly maintenance cycle:

  • Remove air-conditioners
  • Clean inside of sleeve and seal sleeve
  • Seal vandal protection cover outside against walls
  • Repaint or touch up a sleeve and air-conditioning unit
  • Rinse coils with high-pressure spray. This must be applied in such a way that it is effective without deforming or damaging the coils

We work together with {OEMs} The original equipment manufacturers of LG Air condition, Panasonic Air Condition Servicing in Lagos, Haier-Thermocool Air Condition, Chigo Air conditioning system

Our Air Condition Installation and Maintenance team covers Ikoyi  Lekki, Ajah, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria

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