BRT sterilises buses

BRT sterilizes its buses

In order to curb further spread of corolla virus –  COVID-19, Primero Transport Services Limited, operators of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on Monday, said it has started the sterilization of all its buses

This was confirmed by the General Manager (Operations) of the firm, Mr Segun Anako at a Lagos news conference in on Monday.

He urged passengers to ensure that they comply with the Lagos State directive of not more than 50 persons in a gathering.

He also advised commuters to ensure that they practice the social distancing technique of keeping a space of at least a meter between themselves and the next person on the queue.

This is in line with government’s directive to reduce the spread.

According to him, Hand sanitizers were provided for passengers and  all company’s  bus drivers. Inspectors and ticketing officers are all required to wear protective gloves and masks.

Also, daily temperature checks of all staff are embarked upon before commencing operations and any staff found with above normal temperatures is asked to get medical clearance before resumption of their duties.

4 Clean & Healthy Safety tips for travellers against corona virus

The scourge of the deadly corona virus is on the increase and it requires us to be alert.

For those of us that do travel  , we can take extra hygiene steps to avoid the risk of catching the new coronavirus while flying on an aircraft or other forms of transport . How can we do this?

By indulging in healthy habits such as:

a).ensure foods to be taken on the journey are clean and packed

b).Move with hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes can be useful additions to pack.

c).Travellers should clean off any hard surfaces, such as their seatbelt and tray table, before they sit down.

d) Check with the aircraft or transport authorities to ensure spraying and fumigation of the vehicles are done.

Senate &PDP orders shutdown of borders and fumigation over corona virus

Due to the outbreak of the dreaded corona virus, the House of senate and Reps have ordered
all borders to be shut down – especially to high-risk countries.

They had earlier asked the Federal Government to follow suit with other countries that have shut down their borders, schools, markets and banned public gatherings.
Incidentally, this came at the time when the Nigerian Gov. was considering restricting travels to worst hit countries

Recently, a 3rd case of the virus was confirmed in Lagos state – necessitating the Minister of health to re-sound safety and precautionary measures such as washing of hands regularly, using of hand sanitizers, while cleaning the environment

The P.D.P. also urged the Federal government to step up health checks and security measures at airports and to carry out thorough fumigation of aircrafts.