Electrical Installation & Maintenance Services in Lagos Nigeria

We offer electrical maintenance & installation services and we have a high level of competence in safeguarding and controlling traffic of power in the facilities, being supplied to AC units, installed equipment, general lighting and other areas that power supply is needed through. Our facilities maintenance services in Nigeria covers cities like Abuja , Lagos, Port Harcourt etc.

In Lagos we have our mobile maintenance technicians in Lekki, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Ajah, SuruLere, Ikeja, Festac etc, The preferred Facility Management Services in Lekki Ajah Lagos

Electrical Power maintenance services in Lagos. Power generation and distribution services in Lagos Nigeria

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Breakdown Maintenance
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator and Transformer
  • Main AC Supply Circuit Breaker
  • External Electrical
  •  Security Lights
  • Internal AC and Surge Protection Boards
  • High Voltage Step Down Transformer

The electrical maintenance services include;

  • Periodic maintenance of AVR
  • Breakdown maintenance to ensure availability
  • Maintain all electrical Panels and switches
  • Step down transformers
  • Transformer grounding system and all substation elements
  • HT lines and poles and all associated accessories
  • Periodic check of all earthling system and earth impedance and submission of report (two times a year)
  • Inspect external distribution board for damage, rust or water ingress and repair
  • Inspect mounting pole for failure, corrosion and repair where necessary
  • Record the voltages per phase between the phases and neutral
  • Record the current per phase and balance phases if possible
  • Inspect the surge protection devices and replace if necessary
  • Inspect Earthling and rectify if required
  • Replace burnt or discoloured wiring.
  • Ensure all external cabling and internal wiring is neat and replace cable ties or stainless steel straps where required
  • Check and replace defective circuit breakers and other components
  • Ensure that earth connections is properly fitted and tightened.
  • Check for loose/missing earthen conductors and repair
  • Ensure that all site earths are properly bonded and repair where damaged
  • All electrical wiring and work s like electrical appliances, wiring, fire alarms, lightings, fitting
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Electrical Maintenance & Installation Services 2