Electrical Maintenance

We have competence in safeguarding and controlling traffic of power in the facilities, being supplied to AC units, installed equipment, general lighting and other areas that power supply is needed through Scheduled Maintenance;  Breakdown Maintenance ; Automatic Voltage Regulator and Transformer ;  Main AC Supply Circuit Breaker ; External Electrical ; Security Lights ;  Internal AC and Surge Protection Boards;  High Voltage Step Down Transformer


Cooling Sysytems: Air Conditioners

Ambient temperature is very important for a conducive environment for the apartments and equipment in the property. We utilize today’s technology in cooling of locations through Direct Digital Control HVAC system.

The areas controlled by this system have been engineered to allow fresh air and temperature controls. Appropriate and prompt assurance of proper cooling is made through efficient management of the air-conditioning units specifically through Scheduled Maintenance ( Planned Preventive Maintenance) ; Breakdown Maintenance ( Reactive Maintenance ) and Restorative Maintenance


Building Infrastructural Maintenance

CHOGON FACILITIES SERVICES LIMITED specialises in all aspect of your building environment. We work in partnership with clients on any specific built environment ranging from new structures, major refurbishment, ongoing management and maintenance.

 Wall Restoration,
 General Cleaning (External)
 Renovations, Roofing
 Restructuring and Partitioning – timber and aluminium
 Building Repairs
 Painting works and redecoration
 Specialist entrance door installations
 Interior and exterior decorations
 Swimming Pool Support Structure
 Office Refurbishment i.e. raised access floors, carpets, suspended ceilings and partition walls, toilet reconstruction, windows and blinds etc


Plumbing , Borehole and Water System Maintenance

We are also specialized in plumbing, borehole and water system maintenance. Our services include bathrooms, kitchen and toilet installations; water pipes, drainages, tiling, and repair of leakages and burst pipes, heaters, blocked pipes, tanks; servicing of disposal units, pumps and general descaling.

Breakdown Maintenance
 Bathroom, toilet and Kitchen installations (plastering, tiling and decorating)
 Repairs of all water pipes and drainages
 Repair of leakages, burst pipes, taps, sinks, blocked pipes and pumps
 Evacuation and servicing of sewages, disposal units, urinal waste
 General de-scaling
 Uzainocking of internal waste pipes from toilets, baths, showers, sink and external drains
 Quarterly cleaning and chemical washing of underground tanks and water tanks( geepees and metal)


Help Desk and Call Management

We provide fully integrated helpdesk functionality for logging call requests against user defined “contracts” and services, enabling the tracking of works in progress through to completion.

With a flexible call handling solution for implementing a helpdesk facility at the level required by the data centres facility management contract.

CHOGON Facilities helpdesk operative are trained to ask pertinent questions enabling the answers to be recorded onto an engineer’s job sheet. This ensures all necessary information can be captured during the initial contact so that the reporter’s problem can be resolved during the first visit to avoid unnecessary and often costly subsequent visits.


Property Management (PEMS)

The Property & Estate Management (PEMS) offers a unique solution to completely manage their property portfolios, allowing detailed information to be recorded on properties.

By monitoring and tracking dates, a summary of potential revenue and performance can be produced. Statutory requirements, Lease notifications and proprietor/tenant responsibilities can be tracked, ensuring potentially costly repercussions are avoided. Elements that may have an impact on property portfolios, as well as dealing with review and expiry

The easy to use module allows for comparisons for property and lease information across multiple Buildings and locations. From this information, there is the ability to set required criteria, based on rates, rents, lease details, cost and profit, cost to be charged back to buildings, building performance

• Completed management and easy tracking of property portfolios
• Analysis of property portfolios from required criteria
• Tracking of potential revenue and performance
• Registers for properties, rents, rates and lease information across multiple buildings
• Ability to plan for the future portfolios via rent review etc
• Generate reminders using the Workflow range
• Document work property portfolios via Document Manager