As the demands on modern buildings become more complex, the need for the appropriate facility management system becomes strategic and critical. A comprehensive facility management program must address the needs of the entire facility in planning for a dynamic site management service involving the scheduled maintenance of the facility as well as future replacement or major repairs of asset, infrastructural management, logistics & movements and staffing requirements of Our operational strategy for this facilities management function is classified into 2 major systems;


This becomes crucial due to the need to identify and track its assets at its various locations, manage and maintain them for optimal efficiency and productivity and keep relevant historical data of assets and facilities necessary for management decision making.


Asset Register, combined with a Comprehensive Planned Preventive Maintenance, Reactive Maintenance and Helpdesk System designed and developed to work intuitively with your business delivering genuine performance and productivity benefits in every sphere of our day-to-day activities. This way, we can centrally monitor the facilities management activities across your locations and ensure prompt response to issues.


This model is rounded off by our Best Practice experience and use of accepted industry bench marks. Every asset in our care has a PMS and CMS designed prior to commencement of service delivery. Our services are designed to protect your capital investment, guide our staff with applicable skill set and maintain interior and exterior facility, equipment and spaces in optimal and cost effective state.


The typical overview of the maintenance program includes;

  • Inventory of all equipment and assets
  • Asset survey
  • Condition survey
  • Risk assessment
  • Task Regime Preparation – PMS
  • Task Regime Preparation – CMS
  • Scoping

Other key facilities management function for you includes;

  • Asset Management
  • Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)
  • The Helpdesk
  • Property Management (PEMS)
  • Service level Agreement
  • Event Management (Eclipse FM Space Booking System)
  • Health & Safety Policy Management

Planned Preventive Maintenance Strategy

Every asset to be maintained would have a Preventive Maintenance system. The Planned Preventive Maintenance scheduling and planning would form the proactive basis for the maintenance tasks and activities to be conducted. Our planned task register records frequency based and scheduled task types, applicable to hard and soft services for user defined assets. All tasks can be defaulted to user defined shift patterns and/or assigned to default or specific days. Tasks re-occurrence would be setup based on the specified service frequency, Seasonal variations will also be taken into account by specifying the service months applicable. Planned tasks will be designated fixed calendar or shift able calendar.

This Planned Maintenance Planner allows maintenance schedules to be viewed in advance. A standard 52 week planner sample that would be used and communicated to you.

Shown below; M indicates monthly, W – weekly, 3M – 3 monthly, Y – yearly. These frequencies would be essentially based on manufacturer’s recommendations


  • Call Logging
  • We provide fully integrated helpdesk functionality for logging call requests against user defined “contracts” and services, enabling the tracking of works in progress through to completion.
  • With a flexible call handling solution for implementing a helpdesk facility at the level required by the data centres facility management contract.
  • CHOGON Facilities helpdesk operative are trained to ask pertinent questions enabling the answers to be recorded onto an engineer’s job sheet. This ensures all necessary information can be captured during the initial contact so that the reporter’s problem can be resolved during the first visit to avoid unnecessary and often costly subsequent visits.

Call Management

  • All passive and active job types will be managed from within one Task Control view respectively. System generated and user defined statuses will be used to track the progress of each job as it moves toward completion before being committed to history. The job list can be filtered by user defined pick lists and exclusions and sorted by each column header selected, to display information in an appropriate manner.

As a job is logged by the helpdesk or issued from the planned works register it is routed to relevant users task control lists by virtue of their data access rights. Relevant subcontractors will be tied to specific contracts and grouped contracts.

Help Desk Management 1
Help Desk Management 2
Help Desk Management 3
Help Desk Management 4

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