Chogon Fumigation services is a professional pest control company in Lekki, Ajah, Lagos Nigeria. We can help fumigate your house and office against every insect, rodents or crawling animals like lizards. Flies breed in any decaying, rotting organic matter like garbage, filth, excreta etc. Garbage dumps attract flies for food and to lay eggs. Flies regurgitate when feeding; this habit, together with particles of refuse stuck to their bodies, leads to contamination of human food and transmission of disease. When you look out for cleaning services companies near me or cleaning services and bed bugs fumigation services and pest control services in Lekki, Ajah, Lagos, you’ll certainly find us. Also, we outsource office cleaners in Lagos and office cleaners near me who are well trained for the job. We are among the cleaning services companies in Lekki, Ajah, Lagos. Our areas of specialization also include Cleaning Services in Lagos, Lekki, and Fumigation Services in Lagos, Lekki and Bedbugs Fumigation services and eradication in Lagos, Lekki.

House Fly Control service company in Lekki, Ajah, Lagos Nigeria

House flies can be a real nuisance when they are flying around. But they can also transmit diseases, so it is important to get rid of them. Housefly control is not always as easy as it sounds. There is often more involved than a fly swatter.

Using a professional fly control service is the most effective way to guarantee the complete removal of flies from your property.

  • We offer a Free Survey of your business premises, to assess the level of infestation and identify the invading fly species.
  • Our technicians can offer effective, targeted fly control tailored to your requirements.
  • Treatments will include the removal of any potential breeding sites to guarantee a long-term solution to keep you, your home and your business safe from harm.

Most homeowners find that it saves time and energy to call Chogon Fumigation Services for help with house fly control. Scheduling a home inspection may help you get rid of house flies.

How To Get Rid Of House Flies

The First step in House fly fumigation services company and control is exclusion and sanitation. After these measures, you can use insecticides that come in residual forms, aerosols, fogging materials, and baiting forms.

  1. Sanitation is the first measure of defense. Even though some various traps and sprays are used to kill flies, it is necessary to eliminate the source to remove them
  2. Whenever possible, food and materials on which the flies can lay eggs must be removed or destroyed, which will isolate the egg-laying adult. Killing adult flies will reduce infestation, but the elimination of breeding areas is necessary for good House Fly control management.
  3. Garbage cans and dumpsters should have tight-fitting lids and be cleaned regularly.
  4. Drainage will often aid control, getting rid of extra moisture.
  5. Openings of buildings should be tightly screened with the screen