We are also specialized in plumbing, borehole and water system maintenance. Our services include bathrooms, kitchen and toilet installations; water pipes, drainages, tiling, and repair of leakages and burst pipes, heaters, blocked pipes, tanks; servicing of disposal units, pumps and general descaling.

Breakdown Maintenance

  • Bathroom, toilet and Kitchen installations (plastering, tiling and decorating)
  • Repairs of all water pipes and drainages
  • Repair of leakages, burst pipes, taps, sinks, blocked pipes and pumps
  • Evacuation and servicing of sewages, disposal units, urinal waste
  • General de-scaling
  • Uzainocking of internal waste pipes from toilets, baths, showers, sink and external drains
  • Quarterly cleaning and chemical washing  of underground tanks and water tanks( geepees and metal)
  • Servicing of borehole
  • Discharge of main pipes, PVCs and Fittings
  • Removal of depleted chemicals from vessels
  • Tightening of all valve controls
  • Unclogging and clearing of all sediments and pipes from drains
  • Carrying out all necessary plumbing works/repairs that may be required during the course of maintenance
  • Replacement of all faulty  parts, bolts, nuts, fittings, valves, adaptors, sockets and bushings


  •  We must test the water to know the kind of chemical we need to use and also see how much iron.
  • Need to see the filtration system they have in place.
  •  If they don’t have one, we need to advise on a system.
  • Weather the sand in their filter has been replaced recently or not and the state of it,
  •  After this we will need chlorine and lime or Alum for the treatment.
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