Chogon Cleaning Services offers regular scheduled swimming pool cleaning services in Lekki, Ajah, Ikoyi, Ikeja Nigeria. Our pool cleaning service includes but is not limited to emptying skimmer baskets, washing down cartridges, maintaining water chemistry, testing of water PH and emergency cleaning for pool water gone green. And your location is not a limitation. We can go from Lagos to Port Harcourt, Abuja or any part of Nigeria and even beyond. We service schools, residences, hotels and resorts, embassies and foreign missions etc. You can always look out for swimming pool cleaning services near me, and you will find us. When you look out for cleaning services companies near me or cleaning services in Lagos, you’ll certainly find us. Also, we outsource office cleaners in Lagos and office cleaners near me who are well trained for the job. We are among the cleaning services companies in Lagos.

How often should a pool be cleaned? Yes, they may need to be cleaned after a heavy storm or once every few months depending on conditions in your pool. It would be best to clean them about every 4-6 months. If you have an extra set of elements — which is a great idea — it is a much easier and quicker job.

Establishing a cleaning routine for your swimming pool can be a tedious but important aspect of pool safety and maintenance. Whilst swimming pools present a get away from everyday life, an exercise outlet and fun times, they also present a hidden danger if the chlorinated pool of fun goes untreated or unmaintained, hence the need to call us for our swimming pool cleaning services in Lekki, Ajah, Ikoyi, Ikeja Nigeria.

Swimming Pool Pumps Maintenance: An aspect of pool ownership that needs to be monitored is the maintenance of pool pumps, filters and other mechanical parts. These pool devices are electric and can cause injury or death if not used carefully.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide in Lagos Nigeria: 


  1. Use test strips or a test kit to check and maintain your pool water balance. Keep your pH levels between 7.4 – 7.6.
  2. Test and maintain the free available chlorine level at 1.0 – 3.0 ppm.
  3. Empty the skimmer basket and skim leaves, insects and other floating debris from the pool surface.

While Swimming pool chemical Supplies in Lagos Nigeria are available to solve almost all water problems, they can be dangerous if handled improperly. They can cause skin diseases, eye infection, and damage and can even be fatal if swallowed. Preserve your life and that of your loved ones using Chogon professional Swimming pool cleaning services in Lagos Nigeria that will keep you and your pool safe.


We wash and sterilize water tanks and underground reservoir tank washing service in Nigeria, aeration tanks in Lagos, overhead tank washing in Lagos or Port Harcourt Nigeria. We do not just clean, we add value to the water tank cleaning by disinfecting the tank through a chlorination process that attacks microorganisms in the water. Our tank washing and tank cleaning services in Lekki, Ajah, Ikoyi, Ikeja, V.I, Lagos provides excellent services and we are the best at what we do.

Water Tanks like Gee Pee or GP Tanks may accumulate residues like dust and other foreign objects. Surprisingly, items like insects, lizards and sometimes rats may fall into large water tanks in the ceiling or underground ones. Also Green algae accumulate in Water tanks over time. If prompt measures are not taken to stop them, it could become so bad that particles of green algae start blocking water pipes and output points in our homes. This may contaminate your water and eventually affects you health-wise when used for cooking, washing or worse still drinking. It is important therefore to organize for regular cleaning of such tank washing and cleaning services.

Chogon Cleaning Services is a professional cleaning service company in Lagos and provides specialized expert tank cleaning services to residents in Lekki, Ikoyi, Ikeja, Victoria Island, Ajah and other areas in Lagos Nigeria. Our team of cleaners is readily available for you, Mondays to Saturdays. Contact us today to schedule your Water Tank and ensure that your water tanks are cleaned with the highest industry standards.