Chogon Gardens offer the most complete tree planting services for your tree planting scheme from an initial site visit to supply, planting and maintenance. We are specialized in tree cutting services in Lekki, Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria. Our services include the selection, planting and caring of trees anywhere in Nigeria from Lagos to Abuja etc. As one of Nigeria’s most renowned landscaping experts, we aim to provide you with all the benefits of a well-planned property. So if you plan to develop a new property or update an existing park, golf course, corporate campus, retail center, or church with new trees, contact us for professional tree planting services. When you look out for cleaning services companies near me or cleaning services in Lekki, Ajah, Lagos, you’ll certainly find us. Also, we outsource office cleaners in Lekki, Ajah, Lagos and office cleaners near me who are well trained for the job. We are among the cleaning services companies in Lekki, Ajah, Lagos. Our areas of specialization include Cleaning Services in Lagos, Lekki, and Fumigation Services in Lagos, Lekki and Bedbug Fumigation services and eradication in Lagos, Lekki.

Trees are good in that they add beauty and grace to any community setting. They also make life in the outdoors more enjoyable, peaceful and relaxing. Properly selected and planted trees can also significantly increase the value of your property. It’s important that you cut down trees when necessary, as they may constitute a nuisance when they are no longer needed, hence our tree cutting services in Lekki, Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria. We are the preferred tree cutting services company near you.

Call us we will leave your area clear and clean with a perfect view. We do all these at reasonable prices. In other words, we are affordable and reliable.

 Our Tree Planting procedures in Nigeria include:

  1.   Site survey services
  2.   Tree selection
  3.   Tree supply
  4.   Tree planting


Ensuring the health and positive growth of your trees means being able to partner with a company that offers a full gamut of gardening and landscaping services in Lekki, Ajah, Lagos Nigeria. Chogon Cleaning Services is here to offer you and your trees virtually any service needed to ensure growth and health. And, even if it’s time for them to be removed, know that you can count on us for tree felling and stump grinding. We have all the tools required for the job. Our tree felling service includes a site-specific risk assessment carried out by qualified personnel. The removal of the tree is then carried out using the appropriate equipment operated by fully trained professionals. Our tree cutting services in Lekki, Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria will ensure you get the best value for your money.

We give Our best on the following

Tree Removal: Lot Clearing, Stump Grinding, Tree and Stump Removal, Tree removal requires considerable expertise to successfully perform this task. Our tree cutting services company in Lekki, Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria will ensure that your demand is met. Tree Trimming: On mature trees, pruning is required to remove dead and dying branches to maintain plant health and safety. This pruning type is referred to as cleaning. Research has now documented that thinning, trimming and the removal of live branches reduce wind resistance and subsequent storm damage.